Metal Braces

Metal Braces Are The Most Common Treatment For Teeth Straightening.

Yes, metal braces have been around for a while! Although they’re the most common form of orthodontic treatment, technology has improved metal braces for an efficient and comfortable teeth movement. Best of all, you can customise the bracket colours to your liking.

Metal braces consultation at Blackburn Orthodontics

Are Metal Braces Right For Me?

Metal braces work to align your teeth and bite over a period of time. Brackets are attached to the teeth which connect a thin metal wire, and is adjusted by the orthodontist during regular visits. Following the treatment plan by the orthodontist, adjusting the metal wire will begin to correct your teeth alignment and bite. The orthodontist may also add springs and elastics to help fine tune your treatment.

Do Braces Hurt & How Long Do I Need Them?

Metal braces will add slight pressure to your teeth, as it corrects your teeth alignment. You may feel slight discomfort or tenderness in the early stages of your braces treatment, but it passes quickly for most patients. The duration of treatment may be between six months to two years, but each case is different. Your orthodontist will tailor your treatment to your individual situation.

Metal braces treatment at Blackburn Orthodontics
Metal braces treatment at Blackburn Orthodontics

We Specialise In Metal Braces!

In addition to traditional brackets, we also offer self-ligating orthodontic brackets. These brackets have an in-built mechanism to lock the orthodontic archwire into place. Self-ligating brackets are easier to clean, have less frequent adjustment intervals, and in some circumstances can align crowded teeth faster.

Our Principal Orthodontist, Dr. David Zhang, specialises in braces treatment for teeth straightening. From kids, teenagers to adults, Dr. Zhang will ensure you have an enjoyable experience during your metal braces treatment.

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