Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces Are Tooth Coloured Braces!

Ceramic braces function the same as metal braces, but are tooth-coloured to blend in with your teeth. Also referred to as ‘clear braces’, they provide a more subtle appearance during teeth straightening. Although they’re almost invisible when compared with traditional braces, they work at the same efficiency. Because of this, ceramic braces are a popular teeth straightening treatment option for teens and adults!

Ceramic braces at Blackburn Orthodontics

Why Choose Ceramic Braces?

The brackets used in ceramic braces are more subtle than traditional metal braces. They are the first orthodontic bracket offered to aesthetics-conscious patients.

Ceramic braces aren’t just for adults – they work extremely well for patients of all ages. The latest technology has allowed these sleek brackets to facilitate efficient, accurate and comfortable tooth movements – helping you achieve your smile goals sooner!

Do Ceramic Braces Work The Same As Metal Braces?

Ceramic braces work with the same type of technology as metal braces, as an orthodontic archwire is secured into the ceramic bracket. You can still tailor your ceramic brackets to have colours, allowing you to add an individual touch to your braces.

We specialise in all orthodontic treatments including ceramic braces for teeth straightening. Our Principal Orthodontist, Dr. David Zhang will ensure you and your children will have a comfortable and effective orthodontic experience.

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Ceramic braces at Blackburn Orthodontics