Orthodontic Treatments

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Trust Blackburn Orthodontics for all your braces, Invisalign and clear aligners, and specialist treatments including surgical orthodontics. Our Principal Orthodontist Dr. David Zhang can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Orthodontics By Age

Children's Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment is important for your child’s dental development and health. An orthodontic examination can determine if braces are necessary.

Smiling twins with orthodontic appliances at Blackburn Orthodontics

Teenage Orthodontics

Braces and retainers for teenagers can help set them up for adulthood. Teeth straightening during adolescent years can improve physical and psychological health.

Teenager with metal braces treatment at Blackburn Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Invisalign and clear aligners are a great option for adults to achieve their dream smile. An orthodontic consultation can determine the correct treatment for you.

Adult with Invisalign clear aligners at Blackburn Orthodontics
Orthodontics By Type

Metal Braces

Braces are the most common form of treatment for teeth straightening, working to align your teeth and bite. We provide metal braces with efficiency and comfort in mind.

Teenager with metal braces at Blackburn Orthodontics

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces function the same as metal braces, but are tooth-coloured to blend in with your teeth. They provide a more subtle appearance during teeth straightening.

Ceramic braces at Blackburn Orthodontics

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide a subtle solution for teeth straightening. We offer various clear aligner solutions, including Invisalign, Spark and 3M Clarity Aligners.

Invisalign and clear aligners at Blackburn Orthodontics

Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances are used when comprehensive metal or ceramic brackets are not required due to individual patient requirements.

Orthodontic appliances (fixed and removable) at Blackburn Orthodontics
Specialist Treatments

Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics aims to address any skeletal discrepancies by treating problems that cannot be resolved with orthodontics alone.

Surgical orthodontics performed at Blackburn Orthodontics

Early Intervention

Although orthodontic treatment is recommended past the age of 7, treatment may be required before all adult teeth have erupted.

Early orthodontic intervention at Blackburn Orthodontics

Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Dentofacial Orthopaedics aims to address a deficiency in jaw growth, either the upper or lower jaw.

Dentofacial Orthopaedics at Blackburn Orthodontics