Our Orthodontic Technology

Why Is Orthodontic Technology Important In Your Treatment?

At Blackburn Orthodontics, we have the latest orthodontic technology to ensure you receive the highest level of care. With state of the art tools, Dr. David can accurately diagnose and provide a treatment plan, monitor treatment changes as your case progresses, and record the final results digitally.

The latest orthodontic technology at Blackburn Orthodontics

Personalising Your Treatment With Orthodontic Technology

Our wide array of orthodontic tools include:

  • Digital radiographs.
  • On-site OPG (panoramic x-ray) and lateral cephalogram x-ray machine. You won’t need to travel to a dedicated radiology department to get x-rays taken – we can do it in our clinic!
  • iTero 3D scanner: captures a 3D representation/model of your teeth to allow simulation of treatment outcome on the spot.
  • Online bookings system. 
  • Digital photography and intra-oral camera.
  • 3D printing: allows for study models for treatment planning and fabrication of aligners and retainers.
  • Dental remote artificial intelligence monitoring: for select clear aligner cases.