About The Clinic

We Are Blackburn Orthodontics

At Blackburn Orthodontics, we are a specialist clinic. That means we know and do a lot more than just straighten teeth. As specialists, we address the entire spectrum of orthodontics, ranging from early treatment, through to adolescent and adult orthodontics.

Dr. David Zhang examines an orthodontic patient at Blackburn Orthodontics

Orthodontics In The Heart Of Blackburn

Our highly experienced team and specialist orthodontist, Dr. David Zhang, uses the latest orthodontic techniques and technologies to provide you with the best individualised orthodontic treatment.

To begin your smile transformation, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. David today! He will provide a complete clinical diagnosis addressing your concerns, and detail a plan that outlines your treatment and estimated fees.

A referral from a general dentist to see an orthodontist is not required.

Why Choose Us?

A personalised orthodontic experience. 
Our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic outcomes in a professional, empathetic and personalised environment. This extends to helping all our patients attain optimal dental health through education, prevention and intervention.

Comprehensive yet affordable treatment.
Although several patients initially seek tooth alignment only, our comprehensive approach integrates all aspects of dentistry in order to generate well-aligned teeth, in conjunction with facial balance, periodontal health, and TMJ health – all in an affordable package. 

We have the latest in orthodontic technology.
We capture your bite and mould of your teeth using the latest 3D scanner, which means saying goodbye to messy and uncomfortable alginate mouth moulds! All our radiographs and photos are digitally acquired and stored, reducing radiation exposure, and increasing record keeping efficiency.

Ease of scheduling.
At Blackburn Orthodontics, we understand that life can get busy. To accommodate your needs, we offer extended hours on certain business days and Saturday mornings.

Ease of access.
We are conveniently located in the heart of Blackburn, a short walk from Blackburn train and bus stations. There is ample on-site and on-street parking if you are driving.

Multilingual orthodontist.
Our orthodontist Dr. David Zhang is not only fluent in English, but can consult in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Teochew.

Image of the team at Blackburn Orthodontics